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What I’ve Done This Week #10…

It’s been a while since I submitted anything to a contest, perhaps because traditionally I have not excelled in that area. The House on Memory Lane placed first in a horror flash contest in 2011 for $100, and I was the runner-up with Contractions and Reactions in 2012 to the tune of $250, but that’s about it.

So this week I have sent off a few to be judged by others, with some pieces that have not seen the light of day for a long time. I sent off one flash story – Black & White City – that I have not emailed into the wild for eleven years, which may be the longest interval between submissions I’ve ever had.

Fingers crossed that I get back on that wagon soon.

And the Winner is… (probably not me).

I have spent £100 on nine writing competitions over the last few days, just for a change from the regular submission process. The results won’t be out for a few months for most of them, but I always find it best to consider that as lost money, and anything I may get back is a bonus.

Do I expect a profit? Well, even one placing in any of those competitions would go some way towards it, but historically I have not done particularly well in this area – runner-up in a comedy contest for £30, and third in a flash contest for £100, being the only two placings I have had. Both of those were last year. I never really put much emphasis on competitions until a couple of years ago, and by then I had submitted through the regular channels hundreds of times. I find that contest writing is almost a different skill; in some ways more precise, more pure, and in other ways more reliant on luck and a little inside knowledge.

So, fingers crossed I know the right people.