Singin’ Da Blues…

Now, I have written hundreds of stories over the years and maybe a few dozen poems, but I have only written two songs. The first was when I was nineteen and was called I Don’t Want to Know Tomorrow. It was about as sickly sweet as mid-tempo love songs can get, and maybe it’s for the best that I have lost most of it. I even had a melody for it, but I promise, I won’t sing it for you…

The second one I wrote this week. It’s a blues song called She Done Left Me. I had one of the lines floating around my head for ages, and a few days ago I decided to build the rest of the song around it. Now, I’m no Robert Johnson or BB King, but I think it works in the traditional, familiar style. It’s no Grammy winner, let’s be clear, but it would make a reasonable album track with the right guitar riff and a vocal that sounds like it’s been around the block a time or two.

Anyway, in a moment of madness (and because the internet allows you to do such things) I sent it off to a music publisher. Haha. Funny, right?


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