bad fashionWhenever I have the audacity to question what a woman is wearing – and I appreciate I am on shaky ground by doing so – the reply is usually: “it’s the fashion”, as it was earlier this afternoon. I think women like to fool themselves, and use that as a standard response whenever a man raises an eyebrow at their attire.

However I can assure you, it is not the fashion, nor does it do anything for you; and even if it is the fashion – and you know because you saw Adriana Lima rock it on the catwalk in Milan – it doesn’t therefore mean it looks fantastic on your outsized frame. Yes, heads will turn to look, but trust me, it’s not because they think you look good. The women do not envy you and the men do not want to get with you. It’s like people slowing down to look at an accident by the roadside.

Wear something appropriate… please.

9 thoughts on “Fah-Fah-Fah-Fah-Fashion…

  1. ContentRambler

    That’s an audacious move indeed – I’ve only ever thought things like that. But so loudly I wouldn’t be surprised if they heard me. This is true especially of the leggings-look-good-on-every-body fashion of about 15 years ago, when leggings were worn with short shirts – not tunics, or dresses. Once found myself walking behind two ladies twice my size… I’ve not been able to erase the memory!

    1. Brian G Ross Post author

      As I said, I have made the (not so) odd fashion faux pas myself, but some people you see on the streets are just ridiculous! At least I KNOW I look silly 🙂

  2. raeme67

    I had a sweatpants phase and no one accept a skinny youth who can bravely wear a pair of these with “Sweetie” written a cross the bottom should try this. My pet peeve is PJ bottoms-Please have we not suffered enough already?

  3. Cathy Laws

    Hahaha your honesty amuses me. For the record, if we were friends, I would want you to just be up front lol.

  4. godtisx

    Her response is my issue. But I think there are different tastes in the world. You won’t like everything a woman wears and not all men have the same tastes. Once upon I wore pretty showy (tasteful) stuff, most guys loved it, but the love of my life had a completely different take of what was attractive. His tastes and turn-ons were way different. Still are and we aren’t together. I hear what you’re saying, sometimes looks will look off to us, but sometimes the impression of what we see is more about us than them. Our tastes…


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