On a Wednesday…


I got my contributor copies of the Fall 2014 issue of Saturday Night Reader this morning. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the publication, which features my light-hearted flash piece, Would You Like Fries With That? splashed over a couple of pages. The magazine is a collection of several of the most recent additions to the website (where you can still read my piece if print is not your thing), and is a nice bonus to the original iteration.

I’ve grown accustomed of late to the shoddy nature of certain periodicals, so I have to admit that I didn’t expect too much from this one. But full colour, A4, and with no ads (as proclaimed on the cover), the Canadian-born Saturday Night Reader is actually a well presented collection of tales that I’m happy to say I’m a part of. It’s also got a nifty app you can download for ‘more content’, such is the way of technology these days.

Sometimes I need a little reminder that I’m actually a writer.

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