Borrowed Words…

library_pataskala_026On a whim, I joined the library last week. Or, perhaps more accurately, I rejoined the library.

A long time ago I was banned from the library. I had my card stripped and my picture was put up in all the local branches, advising the librarians that I was not to be allowed within ten feet of a book. I’m not sure when the ban was lifted, but the council lost about two decades worth of my business.

The library is a strange place, and sadly somewhat of an anachronism in 2019. People don’t read anymore – certainly not the way that they used to. Okay, they still read in the same way, but… well, you know what I mean. It’s just not cool these days. Everyone has a laptop or a phone or a tablet to steal their attention, and even if they do feel the itch to read, those tools will scratch that itch too.

But now I can go back to the way it was meant to be – reading old, coffee-stained, dog-eared paperbacks, with pages folded down and notes written in the margins.

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