Croatia – The Island of Krapanj…

Today was a fairly lazy one. It’s our last full day here so we decided to take it easy. We had been wondering about the assortment of buildings on the opposite shore for most of our time here, and after a little investigation last night we discovered it was a village called Brodarica, just a few miles away.

We took the short taxi ride there this morning, but there’s not much to see beyond the crystal clear waters we have been spoiled with this week. What there is though, is an island 300 metres away called Krapanj which is renowned for its sponges. Yes, sponges.

Now, we had intended to pay for the five minute ferry ride to go check it out, but before we got to the dock an old guy with a taxi boat offered to take us across for the same price. Come on, it’s a taxi boat – of course I said yes!

There’s not much on Krapanj either, except one hotel (where we enjoyed a really good lunch) and a couple of souvenir shops that specialised in sponges because, you know, that’s their thing.

Cars are not allowed on the island which is quite nice and gives the place a more old-fashioned feel, and there are no bridges connecting it to the mainland, so once we were ready to leave… we had to wait for the ferry or that same dude with the little boat to show up.

Well the old guy showed up first, so taxi boat it was!

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