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It’s Probably (Not) Magic…

Last week I went to see Derren Brown’s latest UK tour, Showman. I have seen him live a couple of times before and he never fails to impress. He is unassuming on stage, yet his mere presence demands attention. He is also (quite obviously) extremely clever and exudes such a command over the meticulous design of his show, and everything he says and does, which is undoubtedly a skill that comes in handy in his line of work. He is indeed, a showman.

Of course, I won’t go into any details here about the show itself, suffice to say that it was a masterclass in suggestion and misdirection, and as always, I left the theatre not entirely sure what it was that I just witnessed. A lot of things happened during those two hours that I can’t just explain away, and even though yet again, I didn’t make it onto the stage, many others did. I watched them being randomly selected from the audience, and they all seemed entirely genuine.

If you have ever been on the fence about going to see Derren Brown, or if you are sceptical about all the shenanigans, I would implore you to go and see for yourself. At the very least you will go home entertained, and there’s a fair chance you will be thinking about what happened for many days afterwards.