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Growth… (Gone)

So that thing that was taking residence on my head – wart, skin tag, or perhaps a twin that never made it past the first interview – fell off last night after I stepped out of the shower. I guess that blast of freezing air really did the trick after all.

I noticed it was gone as I was drying myself. It had fallen on the floor. From six feet up it looked like a dangleberry that had strayed too far from the bowl. Up close it was a little like a sultana, but far less appetising of course. I have a picture, but I guess you don’t want to see that.

It is the first time in a long time that it has not been there, fixed to the side of my head, and its absence feels… weird. I certainly don’t regret its removal, but I still reach up and half-expect it to be there.

I have an appointment in a couple of weeks to remove the base, probably in that same minus 196 degree manner.


I went to see the doctor today for this wart-like thing I have on my head. It has been there for years – maybe even decades – and I’ve never really felt the need to do anything about it. Lately it has been annoying me, and I often feel I’m just a slip of the finger away from yanking it off unintentionally.

The doctor gave it a quick examination and then told me the best way to deal with it was to freeze it off at a temperature of minus 196 degrees. So… pretty cold, right? He said it would sting a little, but he was wrong: it hurt quite a bit. It was like a bunch of very sharp needles attacking me all at once. I’m not even sure it’s safe to pour liquid nitrogen on a person’s head without taking precautions!

Anyway, he said it should fall off within a couple of weeks, and I have another appointment just before Christmas so he can see how it’s progressing.