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Liverpool – Day Three…

This entire trip was fashioned around the idea that Liverpool is the largest city in the UK that neither of us had ever visited… and this was the day for all that to change.

We had only left the car park for ten seconds before the city reminded us with a statue that, yes, this was indeed the birthplace of the Beatles. It was fine – I’d be proud of it and using it to empty the tourist wallets too – but it was comical how fast Liverpool told us.

We took the Beatles Story audio tour, which is filled with memorabilia and recreations of the different stages of their career. It’s an interesting excursion, but one that I think could have been better with a couple of tweaks to the format.

Of course, getting to know the Beatles better is one of the two things any newbie has to do in Liverpool – the other is take a ferry ‘cross the Mersey… so we did that as well. It was a shame about the weather (again!) because that experience would have been a lot better in the sunshine.

We spent some time wandering through the Liverpool Museum, and then a couple of hours browsing through the shops at the Royal Albert Dock. All in all we barely ventured away from the water, and before I knew it, it was time to head back to the hotel.