Editing Your Epitaph…

Your final words are your very last edits, but unlike with writing, the story of your life does have an end point. You don’t have endless opportunities to revise and redraft. One day it’s finished.

Most of us don’t get the opportunity to choose what those final words will be, because most of us don’t choose when we die, so we end up with trivialities and non-sequiturs that don’t mean very much in the greater scheme of things.

But if you could choose your last words, what would they be, and how would you present them to the people you care about?

I love you.

I am sorry.

I reckon they would have to be up there as perhaps the most common, right? Adoration and apologies. And I guess not many of us reach the end of an adult life in which both of those would not apply to someone, in some way.

Do you say these things face-to-face? Maybe you sign and seal your thoughts the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper. Or perhaps you post it on your blog so that it’s there for the whole world to see.

Some stories don’t end the way we would like, and some edits never get made.


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