People Are All Kinds of Dumb #2…

Couples on the precipice of marriage can be strange beasts indeed. Maybe it’s the suffocating thought that they will soon (officially) be a we instead of just an I, or maybe it’s something a lot less tangible than that, but once that date looms on the calendar all of those not-so-perfect traits come out like cream from a freshly-baked profiterole.

It’s a long way down from that cliff-edge, so you have to forgive a little silliness along the way, but these guys are just asking for trouble.

For example, at the dinner, guests will be required to answer a mathematical question in order to find out where they sit. Every guest/couple will be presented with a unique, bespoke question: its difficulty and subject matter drawn directly from what we know their mathematical background to be.

So says the Facebook post.

All right, fine – maybe most of their guests play on a similar field and it will all be a bit of a laugh, but surely not everyone on their list has quadratic equations coursing through their veins. What about cousin Johnny who dropped out of college to pursue a career in the fast food industry; or that one friend who hasn’t put down his guitar since second grade because he always knew he was going to be the next Hendrix? What question do they get?

Everyone wants to feel clever, and absolutely nobody wants to be have their intelligence questioned, especially by people they would count as their friends and family…


…and I’m damn sure nobody wants to have to put in a study session before they shine their shoes and head off to the church.

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