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What I’ve Done This Week #50 (and #51)…

First of all, Happy Holidays. I hope you all had a good time, and got what you wanted and deserved.

Unfortunately, I didn’t finish any of those short stories that I had tasked myself to do. All three of them are in the home stretch, and I reckon if I had put down the chocolates and the turkey I may have found the time to have completed then over the last couple of days… but alas, the call of the festivities was much too great.

While I may not have met my self-imposed deadline, I have manufactured a few decent tales that I otherwise would not have created. I think they will turn out pretty well – it’s just finding the inclination at this time of year to put a bow on them.

2020 is just around the corner now. I aim to make it a good year for me and mine, and I hope you all do the same for you and yours.

Festive Thoughts…

HospitalAs profoundly dismal as it is to wake up on Christmas morning in hospital – with the crudely placed tinsel decorating the ward; and the thought of the dry, flavourless turkey you will eat later that day – there’s something a little more depressing about taking your first few breaths of the new year from beneath the sheets of your single cot.

I wonder if there’s a countdown over the PA system, and if the doctors and nurses sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

Goodnight, folks.

2012: RIP. See you on the other side.