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Skye? What Skye?

It was a terrible day. Well, at least, the weather was terrible. Most of the time. We did squeeze a few moments of sunshine from the sky, but really, we were mostly trying our best to avoid the rain.

Still, rain doesn’t ruin a holiday – attitudes do. We made the best of the inclement weather and visited Eilean Donan Castle in the morning, on our way to Skye. It’s a beautiful location and having been there now I can see why it is such a popular wedding venue… although I imagine it has an extremely long waiting list.

After that we crossed the bridge and went to see the Fairy Pools on the west of the Isle of Skye. It was a bit of a let down, but mostly because once you’ve parked the car you still have (literally) miles to walk to get the most out of the excursion. Because it had been raining, and the trek involved crossing a couple of rivers, we got as far as we dared, took a few pictures and turned back.

No biggie. We saw Krka last year in Croatia, so we’ve done the amazing waterfall thing.

We then looped over the top of Skye and back down the east coast, by which time the sun (what sun?) was going down and the rain was not letting up.

All things considered, it was a fun day. I’m glad I finally got to see Skye, as it’s a part of Scotland that has always escaped me. The scenery is postcard-worthy almost every step of the way, and even when it’s wet, those mountains are still mightily impressive.

Croatia – Krka…

It’s hard to describe just how beautiful a location Krka National Park is, because you will very soon run out of superlatives. This is one of dozens of photos that I took, and The Fiancée© took dozens more – each one seemingly more picturesque than the last.

We got on a boat this morning to cover the rather short distance to the waterfalls at Krka, but a fifteen minute trip on land took us about two hours on the water. All perfectly fine because the landscape to get there was stunning. I even got a little tipsy drinking the local grappa.

Visitors have the opportunity to swim in the fresh water at the base of the waterfall, and despite being warned that the water was not as warm as we may have expected, I wasn’t about to miss the chance to get wet in the shadow of such a natural marvel. Even The Fiancée© dipped in… and the temperature wasn’t all that bad either.

Walking through the park was a joy, because there was another stream or fall at every turn, each one a vital cog that contributes to the overall majesty of Krka.