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12th Century Romance…

I spent the weekend in the Scottish Highlands with The GirlfriendĀ©. It wasn’t really a Valentine’s thing, but I guess that’s what the timing would suggest.

I booked a night at Tulloch Castle Hotel, which is in Dingwall, just north of Inverness. The building is a nine hundred year old relic that retains a lot of its original look, and comes complete with a resident ghost called The Green Lady. Thankfully I didn’t see her, although our four-poster bed was so wide that she could easily have slept with us and I’d never have known.

I have been to many amazing places around the world, but for sheer natural beauty it’s hard to think of anywhere that is quite as breathtaking as the road we took back from Loch Ness on Sunday morning. A photo doesn’t do it justice, but I’ll drop one in here anyway.

Fantastic hotel; great food; spectacular scenery. And, of course, the best company I could hope for. Well worth the near three hour drive to get there.

People Are All Kinds of Dumb #5…

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there’s no better article to highlight than this one, about a guy in New Zealand who is trying to flog his romantic services for money. It’s basically prostitution without the sex, although even that can be negotiated for a price.

Peter Wilding is – subjectively, of course – an average looking man, who seemingly possesses an above average sense of humour as well. He has a great variety of available packages for any girl who takes up his offer (and yes, he does specify he is only interested in members of the opposite sex). His deals start from as little as $15 for a one-hour morning meet-up, and go all the way up to a fifteen-hour overnight combo for a whopping $150.

It’s an attention-grabbing idea for sure, but whether it’s a desperate troll for love or money or both, once you put the silliness of it all to one side, it’s a little creepy and certainly open to abuse and conflict.

Maybe next year, just find a girl the old-fashioned way, Peter. Go to a bar and get a girl drunk like a normal bloke.